Confirmation Corner: He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!

Confirmation during Lent has been a new experience and journey for many, from Ash Wednesday, Confirmation Retreat, a “STAR” studded Palm Sunday with appearances from 2 soccer sport stars, Alex and Jonathan, Oscar winning Sarah Starlett from Hollywood, Jake the Politian, and even the great Al-Ben Einstein, and a Rock Star Olivia “a little out there!” We even had a protester with a sign that read Jesus is our Messiah, our King, our Star! What kind of King do you serve? Who is the King of your life? Who do you worship?

The class attended Maundy Thursday service. They carried protest signs that read to crucify Jesus, as we walked to the Sanctuary for the stripping of the altar (by members of the Worship Ministry), preparing the Sanctuary for Good Friday service. They attended Good Friday worship and participated by extinguishing the 7 candles. Then coming to Easter Sunday service the Highest Holy Day for Christians.

The CHARGE Retreat was awesome! We had a youth Sunday service at Amazing Grace and sharing our experience from the retreat at Faith Formation and a pizza lunch provided by Thrivent. A very special thank you to all of you who supported us financially and with your thoughts and prayers.

During class time we have been learning all about Lent and an emphasis on Holy week. We also have discussed the Lutherans having only 2 sacraments Baptism and Holy Communion.

Note: For those of you who challenged your knowledge last month on the parament colors on the altar. Here are the answers from last month Confirmation Corner.

Column 1 - P, P, W, P, Gold, W, Blue, W, P, W, W Column 2 - W, W, Black or None, G, W, W, G, R, R, W Hope you had fun!

Thank you! In Christ’s Peace and Love,

Pastor Greer and Julie Ambris