Intern Pastor Susanna Muzzin

Our intern pastor is Susanna Muzzin, who joined Amazing Grace in July 2019. Previously, Pastor Susanna led Children, Youth, and Family Ministry at Antioch and Hope Lutheran Churches in Farmington Hills, MI and Christ Church (Episcopal) in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. She lives in Farmington Hills with her husband, Michael and 14-year-old yellow lab, Harley. Michael works for a U.K. based company in the electric vehicle battery industry. Susanna and Michael’s daughter, Elspeth, is a grad student at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Pastor Susanna has degrees in history from Bates College and the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently finishing her M.Div. at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and will graduate in May 2020.

Pastor Susanna is passionate about sharing God’s love for all of creation. She loves to knit, travel, garden, and read. She’s looking forward to preaching, leading worship, working with Amazing Grace in the community, leading Bible Studies, and everything else a pastor does!

Denise Rodi, Church Secretary

Denise has been secretary at Amazing Grace as long as it has existed. She has done incredible ministry with Amazing Grace for over 30 years and is a blessing to the community. Denise is passionate about MCREST, Worship Ministry and is heavily involved in all things Amazing Grace. Denise is an incredible mother, grandmother and wife and is a blessing to the Amazing Grace family! 


Modern Worship Band

pictured left to right

Gwen MacPhee, Genna MacPhee, Noah Miller, Drew Miller, Alison Buckman, Christian Avila, Matthew Jewell

not pictured here

Erik Miller, Dan Mulkeran, Jeanne Yasso

Traditional Worship

Organist/Choir Director: Rosilyn Stearnes-Brown

Choir Members: Pete Fisher, Cathy Jarvis, Marilyn McQueen, Sherry Palmer, Tom Pesamoska, Wally Ponican, Barb Potter, Sheila Roberts, DeAnna & Mackenzie Robinson, Dorian & Lucille Staff, Tammy Wenzel, Barb Westerberg